Welcome to Martha's Quest. It's a blog about my personal journey to help my husband, John live the best life possible with Parkinson's disease (PD) and how I have transformed my world as mother, wife and professional to become a citizen scientist in search of answers. I'm on a quest to help propel science forward, and ultimately find a cure for PD. I love having the opportunity to share my discoveries, passions, and thoughts with my loyal readers.
Read on, enjoy, explore, and share.

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A gut-brain link for Parkinson's gets a closer look by Matt Nager


 GUT INSTINCT John Carlin (left) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 16 years ago. His wife, Martha (right), founded a company to help research the theory that gut microbes play a role in the disease. READ THE FULL ARTICLE 


with Robert Rodgers

 Martha Carlin discusses her Company's research in the Parkinson's Microbiome, emerging research in gut health and constipation as an early indicator of Parkinson's, and the foundational science behind BiotiQuest's Sugar Shift formula.  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST  


A Citizen Scientist Makes Her Mark in Microbiome Research 
by Amy Schleunes

The BioCollective, a company that transforms whole stool samples into microbial metadata, is developing the US’s fi