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People ask me to share information about how to thrive while living with Parkinson's. 

This page is a collection of links to help support you along your journey. 

My hope is to provide you with new resources that you haven't seen before.


More than a Mountain 

In 2011, John and I joined the Leap of Faith Mount Kilimanjaro expedition. Our book captures the inspiring stories of the team, 14 with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease who tested their limits and redefined possibilities. John's chapter starts on page 161.


Stop Parkin’ and Start Living: Reversing the Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease 

We found this book so helpful that we traveled to Australia to meet the author, John Coleman. It covers many subjects relating to environmental toxicity, diet, exercise, hydration and alternative therapies. 

stop parkin.jpg


Recommended by a retired MD/PhD who has Parkinson’s, Robert Buckingham,M.D. provides insights as to how inflammation affects the body and the brain. Current research in PD indicates possible connections to underlying chronic inflammation.  


The Psychobiotic Revolution: Mood, Food and the New Science of the Gut-Brain Connection

If you are new to the gut-brain axis and want to understand more about the microbiome this is a wonderful book.  John and Ted were pioneers in microbiome research with a focus on gut bacteria and their impact on brain health. 

Psymb rev.jpg

Grain Brain

Dr. Perlmutter connects high carbohydrate diets and brain health. He is a well recognized neurologist, with multiple books, podcasts and cookbooks. 

grain brain.jpg

Fighting Parkinson’s and Winning

In this personal memoir, Howard Shifke takes full responsibility for his illness and develops a formula to address underlying triggers of PD. He fully recovers and provides insight for others to win the fight. This is an excellent book from a proactive patient’s perspective that is unique.

fight and win.jpg

The Mind-Gut Connection

Combining cutting-edge neuroscience with the latest discoveries on the human microbiome, this book is a practical guide with lifestyle recommendations. It conclusively demonstrates the inextricable, biological link between mind and body.

mind gut.jpg

Healing is Voltage

This is a cancer book, but the journey of how the body breaks down and how to keep it healthy is essential for avoiding any chronic disease. Dr. Tennant's work covers several chapters on Parkinson’s disease and thyroid related challenges.  

healing voltage.jpg

Toxic Heal Your Body.

Millions of people are suffering from chronic illnesses as a result of exposure to environmental toxins and infectious agents. Often the symptoms of these illnesses are so varied and unusual, many of are dismissed. There are many connections to PD and environmental toxins.

toxic heal.jpg

Every Victory Counts Manual

This manual provided for free by the Davis Phinney Foundation, covers many topics for improving daily living. The Every Victory Counts manual is the gold standard to help people with Parkinson’s live their best lives every day.


The Brain that Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science

Norman Doige writes about neuroplasticity and cutting edge research in brain science. The stories in the book are about real people, their challenges and triumphs over neurological problems. 


What your Doctor May Not Tell You About Parkinson’s Disease - A Holistic Program from Optimal Wllness

This book by Dr. Jill Marjama-Lyons covers everything from early symptoms to current safe and effective treatments, including; IV glutathione, herbal treatments and traditional Chinese Medicine.

what you docotr.jpg

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles.

Bruce Lipton, PhD bridges the gap between science and spirit, performing innovative research around beliefs and their impact on cellular growth and function. John and I frequently talk about how his beliefs impact. the course of his disease. 

biology of belief.jpg

Grow a New Body

Dr. Alberto Villoldo, an acclaimed shamanic teacher, draws on 25 years of experience a medical anthropologist and his own near death experience. He discusses how to detoxify your brain and gut with superfoods and energy medicine. 

grow a new body.jpg

Health and Light: The Extraordinary Study that Shows How Light Affects Your Health and Emotional Well-Being

John Ott was the father of photobiology and an early pioneer in observing the impact of different light spectra on plants and animals. Finding this book led me to the light research at MIT and working with prototype light caps with a local researcher. 

health and light.jpg


The dramatic increase in research of microbiome science and its connection to Parkinson’s continues to look promising as our field races to find a cure. I’ll be offering summaries of the latest discoveries to keep you up to date.

2021 Q2 Review:
Parkinson's & the Gut

2021 Q1 Review:
Parkinson's & the Gut


BiotiQuest (my company) developed Sugar Shift to help my husband, John help with his Parkinson's symptoms. You can only buy here.

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by Martha Carlin



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Dr. Mark Hyman 
Functional Medicine, Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Josh Axe 
Clinical Nutritionist, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine

Petra Dorfsman 
Institute of Functional Medicine 

Dr. Jill Carnahan

Flat Iron Functional Medicine

Laurie Mischley
Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition and Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Sasha Gominak 
Neurology, nutrition and sleep

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary 

Ayurveda, Neurology

Dr. Perlmutter 
Neurologist, Grain Brain author 

Dr. Jerry Tennant

Bio circuitry

Dr. Shoemaker

Toxin exposure, including bacterial
and fungal toxins

Brian Duggan
Citizen Science for Health

Dr. Laszlo Boros 
Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA, Deuterium and cellular metabolism

Podcasts & Videos

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