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Can Probiotics Help Parkinson's GI Symptoms

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Martha Carlin, CEO and Founder of The BioCollective, Citizen Scientist and wife of John Carlin, an 18 year "veteran" of Parkinson's Disease discusses their journey together to find supportive therapies for better quality of life and her company's development of the probiotic BiotiQuest Sugar Shift. Martha will discuss her Company's research in the Parkinson's Microbiome, emerging research in gut health and constipation as an early indicator of Parkinson's, and the foundational science behind the Sugar Shift formula. The BiotiQuest Sugar Shift formula was designed to make mannitol in the gut with eight strains of probiotic bacteria the work together to convert Glucose and Fructose in the body in to mannitol.

Listen to the audio podcast hosted by Robert Rodgers, PhD

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