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Fasting, Ketogenic Diets and Parkinson's

I want to share this Podcast with Dr. David Perlmutter where he is interviewing with Dr. Matthew Phillips and his recent research on Ketogenic diet and Parkinson's. Here is a link to Dr. Phillips publication in Movement Disorders . He has also done research on fasting and neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's. Here is one of his papers on fasting and neurological disorders Here is a link to Dr. Phillips discussion of fasting and ketogenic diets in Parkinson's Dr. Phillips is a neurologist in New Zealand. He talks about the need for metabolic therapy which can address and repair metabolic pathways. This is an area that I have focused on through the microbiome. We found in our Parkinson's microbiome data that there was clear evidence of problems with carbohydrate metabolism. There is evidence that people with Parkinson's have lost metabolic flexibility. The good news is that metabolic flexibility can be restored. Dr. Phillips talks about this in his talk. Ben Azadi writes about this in his book and on his Keto Kamp Podcast.

Restoring metabolic flexibility restores the bodies ability to use fat/Ketones as fuel for the brain and body.

I have been doing a Keto Flex program myself for almost a year now and have been working with John on this dietary approach as well. Here are a couple of resources you may find useful to explore.

We have done a lot of research looking at fasting and how it can support "autophagy" which essentially the body's process of cleaning up cellular debris. This process does not work well in Parkinson's and fasting may help. However, many people with Parkinson's are quite thin and concerned about fasting an additional weight loss. John has followed the ProLon fast mimicking diet about every six weeks this past year and found that he did not lose additional weight and had great results each time he did the five day fast mimic. You can find the product here I would suggest that you watch some of Dr. Longo's YouTube videos first to educate yourself. Here is a link to one of his talks. He also has a book, The Longevity Diet.

Food is medicine. What you put in your body is what your body is made of. Food is information! Think about providing your body with coherent information, healthy food and cleaning up the "bad information".

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I am currently on the third day of the fasting mimicking diet and would love to hear more about John’s experience with that. Did it help his tremors at all?

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